Caucasus Ecoregion

This layer represents the Caucasus Ecoregion Caucasus. Data provided by WWF. It has been produced by WWF Caucasus and WWF Germany offices, and is available from Terrestrial ECOS WWF Over the past eight years WWF's Conservation Science Program (CSP) has developed a biogeographic regionalization of the Earth's terrestrial biodiversity. WWF term their biogeographic units ecoregions, which they define as a relatively large units of land or water containing a distinct assemblage of natural communities sharing a large majority of species, dynamics, and environmental conditions. Ecoregions represent the original distribution of distinct assemblages of species and communities. There are multiple uses for the terrestrial ecoregion map in WWF efforts to conserve biodiversity around the world. This data is only for non-commercial use and must be credited with the following "Data provided by WWF". Information may not be reproduced or downloaded without permission from WWF.

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